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Elton Glaser is an American poet.


He is a native of New Orleans, teaches at the University of Akron, and edits the Akron Series in Poetry.[1]

He lives in Akron, Ohio.[2]


  • 2010 Guy Owen Prize for his poem "Do the Do"
  • 2009 Guy Owen Prize for his poem "Slow Fuse Around the Cranium"
  • 2002 Marlboro Prize in Poetry for his poem, "Meditation in Blue and White"
  • 2002 Crab Orchard Award


Elton Glaser's third book of poems, Color Photographs of the Ruins, has the virtue of being relentlessly true to itself. Mr. Glaser rants against contemporary poetry --

"Nuclear ecstasy on the picket line; /
Another homily on hominy; the lacquer of tears /
Sealing in the wrath of wronged women"

-- and it's easy to see why, since his poetry exists in some lower circle of hell. His book is so bad-tempered, without joy, that it makes one wonder what to make of our era and its poetry. Mr. Glaser is an angry and forceful poet, who uses wit and contempt as a double-edged sword.[3]




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