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The ELTons (English Language Teaching Innovation Awards) are international awards given annually by the British Council that recognise and celebrate innovation in the field of English language teaching. They reward educational resources that help English language learners and teachers to achieve their goals. Currently sponsored by sponsored by Cambridge English,[1] the ELTons date from 2003. Applications are submitted online by the end of November and they are judged by an independent panel of ELT experts, using the Delphi Technique. The shortlist is published in March and the winners announced at a ceremony in London in May.

2003 winners[edit]

2004 winners[edit]

  • Richard Cauldwell — speechinaction (CD-ROM)
  • Macmillan Education Dictionaries Team — Macmillan Education, range of products (book, CD-ROM and online editions)
  • Scott Thornbury, Oxford University PressNatural Grammar

2005 winners[edit]

  • Vanessa Reilly, Oxford University Press — Three in a tree (book and multimedia package)
  • Simon Mellor-Clark and Yvonne Baker de Altamirano, Macmillan Education — Campaign 1 coursebooks
  • Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou and Pavlos Pavlou, Oxford University Press — Assessing Young Learners

2006 winners[edit]

  • Corony Edwards and Jane Willis, University of Birmingham and Aston UniversityTeachers Exploring Tasks
  • Carol Read, Ana Soberon, Maria Toth and Elisenda Papiol, Macmillan Education — Bugs (multimedia course)
  • Stuart Rubenstein, Greta Grinfeld, Sally McCrae, Emma Fisher, Camden College of English— "English Language Cultural Experience"

2007 winners[edit]

  • Alison Sharpe, Professor Ronald Carter and Professor Michael McCarthy, Cambridge University PressThe Cambridge Grammar of English (CD-ROM and book)
  • David Warr, Language Garden — Language Gardening (CD-ROM)
  • Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney, The Consultants-E, ICT in the Classroom (online course)

2010 winners[edit]

  • Russell Stanard — www.teachertrainingvideos.com
  • Mary Slattery, Catherine Kneafsey, Lucy Allen, Julia Bell — Teaching with Bear: Using puppets in the language classroom with young learners, Oxford University Press
  • Scott Thornbury, Luke Meddings, Lindsay Clandfield, Mike Burghall — Teaching Unplugged, Delta Publishing
  • James Thomas, Martina Pavlickova and Martina Sindelarova Skupenova — Global Issues in the ELT Classroom, Spolecnost pro Fair Trade
  • Stuart Wiffin and Helen Gibbons — Award For Innovative Writing

2011 winners[edit]

  • Neil Edgeller, Senjuti Masud, Sharif Sadique — Rinku's World, BBC Learning English
  • Ben Glynne, Dan Humm Soriano, David Wilkins — Communication Station, United International College
  • Rob Carter, Alice Castle, Abeer Hassan, Sean Keegan, Karim Kouchouk, Abigail Wincott — BBCe!, BBC Learning English
  • Marcos Benevides, Adam Gray — Fiction in Action: Whodunit, ABAX ELT
  • Simona Petrescu — Macmillan Education Award For Innovative Writing
  • Brian Abbs and Ingrid Freebairn — Lifetime Achievement Award

2012 winners[edit]

  • Kate Khoury, Sarah Raybould and Louise Salim — Sensing Humour in English
  • Nik Peachey — Bell Blended Learning for ELT, Bell
  • Macmillan Education— Sounds: The Pronunciation App, Macmillan Education
  • Kyle Mawer, Graham Stanley — Digital Play: Computer games and language aims, Delta Publishing
  • L2 — Wordready Academic English, L2
  • Colour Trick — The Colour of Words, Colour Trick S.l.
  • Alan Maley — Lifetime Achievement Award

2013 winners[edit]

  • Mary Glasgow Scholastic — Mary Glasgow
  • Y.L.Teresa Ting — CLIL - Biology Towards IGCSE
  • Herbert Puchta and Günter Gerngross — Hooray! Let’s play! Helbling Languages
  • Kieran Donaghy — "Film English"
  • Richard Cauldwell — Cool Speech: Hot Listening, Cool Pronunciation, Speech in Action/Firsty Group
  • English in Action — English in Action, Bangladesh
  • Brita Haycraft — Lifetime Achievement Award

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