Elvis and Anabelle

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Elvis and Anabelle
Elvis and Anabelle FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byWill Geiger
Produced byCarolyn Pfeiffer
Nick Quested
Gregory Collins
Tom Schatz
Screenplay byWill Geiger
StarringBlake Lively
Max Minghella
Joe Mantegna
Mary Steenburgen
Keith Carradine
Music byBlake Neely
CinematographyConrad W. Hall
Edited bySandra Adair
Distributed byThe Weinstein Company
Release date
  • March 10, 2007 (2007-03-10) (South by Southwest Film Festival)
Running time
105 minutes
CountryUnited States

Elvis and Anabelle is an American romantic drama, directed by Will Geiger. It premiered on March 10, 2007 at the South by Southwest film and music festival in Austin, Texas. It also premiered on HBO in September/October 2012.


Groomed by her overly ambitious mother, Anabelle is on the road to winning the Miss Texas Rose title when she dies tragically due to an eating disorder after being crowned on stage. Her death lands her on the embalming table of Elvis Moreau, an embittered young man whose sense of family duty and love for his ailing father keep him from following his dreams. When Anabelle is miraculously resurrected on Elvis' embalming table, the two unexpectedly connect and sparks fly. With the help of each other and Elvis' father, they discover love, freedom and happiness as the real world and their own demons threaten to force them apart.

Critical reception[edit]

The film received a 75% approval on Rotten Tomatoes and Movieline Magazine cited is as being "A dark and dreamy slice of Southern Gothic Romance, having all the hallmarks of a cult film in the making, destined for Gen-Z status." The film was seen as a Blake Lively's "wakeup calling card to Hollywood." and Max Mingella's performance was described as having "the appropriate blend of affected cool, vulnerability and victim mentality for his angsty hero", noting that "Minghella should now be on every director's watch list."


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