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Bulk email software is software that is used to send email in large quantities.

It is generally used for legitimate mailings[citation needed], such as for email list subscribers. Since the bulk email software usually sends email via direct send and via SMTP server, the use of a bulk email software for spam is almost impossible, because of the large amount of emails that are sent in a spam campaign.[citation needed]

Bulk email software usually refers to a standalone software, while there are bulk email sending web-based services as well.

Computer worms that spread themselves via email are an example of bulk email software, sometimes referred to as a mass mailer. Such worms usually (but not necessarily) send spoofed "From" headers.

Uncommon Features[edit]

  • Web-based sending platform

Common Features[edit]

  • Built in Email Templates
  • Drag and Drop Editor For New Template Creation
  • Free Image Hosting
  • Integration with CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento[1] and many More CMS.
  • Social Media integration
  • Contact Management to include Subscriber List Management (including unsubscribing), Sign-up/Opt-in email forms, and List Segmentation
  • Reports to include Open Ratio, Click Through Ratio, Sharing, soft and hard Bounce Rates, Forwarded Emails (email forwarding)[2]
  • CAN-SPAM compliance
  • Autoresponders
  • Split-Testing
  • Double opt-in email while Opt-In is not a requirement for CAN-SPAM compliance. Opt-in is required by law in many European countries and elsewhere. It turns out that confirmed opt-in is the only way that you can prove that a person actually opted in, if challenged legally.[3]

Types of Software[edit]

Most Bulk Email Software programs are hosted by third party companies who sell access to their system, some examples of this type of platform include AWeber, Newsletter2Go, Mailchimp, LeadSquared, Instiller, Get Response, SendinBlue, Constant Contact, Atomic Email Service, FreshMail and Campaign Monitor,[4] Customers pay per send or at a fixed monthly rate to have their own user account from which they can manage their contacts and send out email campaigns. Generally the advantage of this type of program is the reliability of the third party vendor and their application. Some Bulk Email Software programs are self-hosted like UltraMailer, Sendy, or Gammadyne Mailer. The customer buys a license or develops their own program and then hosts the program. Generally the advantage of this type of program is the lack of ongoing monthly fees to the owner/developer of the program. The disadvantage to using this option is that delivery rate is reduced as often users use one server to send bulk emails. There are various settings to tweak to avoid a server being labeled as spam.[5]