Emil Oskar Nobel

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Emil Nobel

Emil Oskar Nobel (/nˈbɛl/; Swedish: [nʊˈbɛl]; also Oscar; 1843 – 3 September 1864) was a member of the Nobel family, the youngest son of Immanuel Nobel, the younger, and of his wife Caroline Andrietta Ahlsell. He was the brother of Robert Nobel, Ludvig Nobel and Alfred Nobel. He was the only one of the Nobel family to go to college, going to the Swedish University of Uppsala. Emil died on September 3, 1864, the victim of an explosion while experimenting with nitroglycerine in his father's factory in Heleneborg, Stockholm. His brother Alfred later managed to stabilize dynamite with a diatomaceous earth called kieselguhr. Alfred was not in the factory at the time of Emil’s death.