Eminent 310 Unique

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Eminent 310 Unique
Eminent 310U Overview Upper.JPG
Upper controls and manuals
Manufacturer Eminent Orgelbouw B.V.
Dates 1972–1983
Technical specifications
Polyphony Full polyphony
Timbrality Monotimbral per manual
Oscillator 12 discrete tone generators with octave divide-down
Synthesis type Analog additive (organ) and subtractive (strings)
Filter Band-pass (organ), bucket-brigade device delay lines (strings, chorus)
Attenuator Decay and release
Effects Chorus, reverb
Keyboard 42 upper manual
44 lower manual
13 bass pedalboard

The Eminent 310 Unique is a home electronic organ that was built and introduced in 1972 by the Dutch organ manufacturer Eminent Orgelbouw B.V.[1] in Lelystad, the Netherlands. It was the first organ to include a string section, making it the first commercial polyphonic string synthesizer on the market.[2] It is prominently featured on Jean Michel Jarre's albums Oxygène (1977) and Équinoxe (1978).

The technology for the string section was later licensed to ARP, who released the ARP String Ensemble, which saw wide use in popular music.


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