Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy

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Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy
Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy.jpg
DVD cover
Genre Softcore Pornography
Written by Daryl Haney & Noel Harrison
Directed by L. L. Shapira
Starring Krista Allen
Paul Michael Robinson
Tiendra Demian
Country of origin USA
Original language(s) 1994
Producer(s) Alain Siritzky
Running time 93 minutes
Original release 1994

Emmanuelle, Queen of the Galaxy (also known in some releases as Emmanuelle: First Contact) is a 1994 television movie, which was the first episode from the erotic series Emmanuelle in Space, also giving its name to the theme song for the series. It was directed by L. L. Shapira, produced by Alain Siritzky, and written by Daryl Haney and Noel Harrison.


  • Krista Allen as Emmanuelle
  • Paul Michael Robinson as Captain Haffron Williams
  • Tiendra Demian as Tasha
  • Reginald Chevalier as Raymond
  • Hu Beaumont as Agent 1
  • Bill Rojas as Agent 2
  • Brett Wagner as Agent 3
  • Neil Delama as Aleksandru
  • Robert De Niro as Alain
  • Carl Ferro as Martin
  • Jonathon Breck as Cop
  • Timothy Di Pri as Theo
  • Sun Yung Gai as Monk 1
  • Rick Mali as Monk 2
  • Kent James as Jeremy
  • John Huey as Bartender
  • Bill Klein as Jimmy
  • Derek Krueger as Derek
  • Claude Knowlton as Leonardo
  • Derek Layne as Henry
  • Jack Lawson as Philip
  • Kirt Lesow as Gentleman
  • Mark Scavetta as Max
  • P.S. Sono as The Abbot
  • John Wongstein as Dharka
  • Kimberly Rowe as Angie
  • M. Nune as Michael
  • Brad Nick'ell as Pierre
  • Jesus Nebot as Don Remeo
  • Robert Nassry as Dimitri
  • Andrew Lim as Trungpa
  • Steve Michaels as Dirk
  • David Madell as John
  • Debra K. Beatty
  • Chanda
  • Angela Cornell

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