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Tait - Empty.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 3, 2001
GenreChristian rock
ProducerPete Stewart, Michael Tait
Tait chronology
Lose This Life
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars[1]
Jesus Freak Hideout4/5 stars[2]

Empty is the debut studio album by American Christian rock band Tait and was the first of three solo albums released by members of dc Talk following their 2001 hiatus to work on solo projects. This album features Pete Stewart from Grammatrain, who is absent in the next album. Several songs are influenced by the passing of Michael Tait's late father Nathel, for whom the band is named.

The advance pre-release copy for this album contained slightly different mixes to the released CD and omitted the track "Altars" as well as both hidden tracks. "Altars" is the only song from this album to be turned into a music video; "Loss For Words" was featured on the soundtrack for the movie Extreme Days.

There are two hidden tracks on this CD, one an instrumental piece that appears after the closing track "Unglued," the other in the pregap (or "zero" index) before the opening track "Alibi," which can be accessed by pressing the 'rewind' button on the CD player when track one begins. The disc scans back 6 minutes and 48 seconds into negative numbers revealing answering machine messages with Michael Tait doing various character impersonations. There is also a short joke-oriented piece in this hidden track.

Track listing[edit]

Album release
1."Alibi"Michael Tait, Pete Stewart4:13
2."Loss for Words"Mario Santana, Tait, Randy Crawford4:16
3."Bonded"Tait, Chad Chapin, Dave Villano, Crawford4:35
4."All You Got"Tait, Chapin, Toby McKeehan4:39
5."Spy"Aaron Julison, Chapin, Tait4:32
6."Talk About Jesus"Daniel Joseph, Larry Norman, Tait5:01
7."American Tragedy"Mario Santana, Tait, Stewart, Crawford, McKeehan3:30
8."Looking for You"Chapin, Tait, Stewart6:34
9."Altars"Cort Langeland, Jim Hanon, Tait, Stewart4:11
10."Tell Me Why"Chapin, Mark Heimermann, Tait, Ormel Chapin5:13
11."Carried Away"Chapin, Kevin Max, Tait, Stewart, McKeehan4:50
12."Empty"Chapin, Tait3:41
13."Unglued"Joseph, Tait6:10
Total length:67:00


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