En 50 ans

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En 50 ans
Directed by Gérard De Boe
Produced by Paul Leleu
Music by David Van De Woestyne
Cinematography François Rents Fernand Tack
Release date
Running time
21 minutes
Country Belgium

En 50 ans is a Belgian 1958 documentary film.


The film commemorates the 50 years of colonisation in Upper Katanga. The commentator alludes to a population "stuck in its own traditions" that needs to learn new technologies. Workers from Ruanda-Urundi land at Elizabethville's airport to work in the mines. First they are driven to "acclimatisation reserves". Later they will be relocated to workers’ quarters. A tribute to the colonial heritage and its creation of, amongst other things, schools, hospitals, maternity wards and orphanages.