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Encarna Abad (born 1927) is a Spanish actress.


She developed her professional career almost entirely in the theater, mostly in supporting roles in comedy billing. Her stage career began in the 1930s when she was still a child[1] one forming in the School of Actors Perez de Leon and tablet.[2] Abad debuted professionally after the Spanish Civil War in the field of musical theater. She integrated into the company of Mariano Madrid, participating in comic roles in Windmills (1943), Pablo Luna[3] and magazines Honeymoon in Cairo (1944),[4] The Double White (1947), with Zori, Santos and Codeso,[5] The bear and the strawberry tree (1949) and Woman SM (1951), the last three of Maestro Guerrero.

Late in the 1950s, continuing her career as a comic vedette with pieces like Day and Night in Madrid (1952) Sandy Torre (1956)[6] and Lulu Mink (1959), with Eugenia Roca,[7] but also made inroads into the genre of farce: Beware the Paca (1951)[8] and the boy sprouts (1951), both of Jose de Lucio.

In the early 60s, she changed her stage name to Encarnita by Encarna and finally abandoned the genre fully focusing her career in comedy, for which she was especially gifted. She can thus be cited in February 30 (1963), of Alfonso Paso,[9] The Governor (1964), with Pedro Porcel and Francisco Piquer and A serene under the bed (1970), with Carmen Maura.[10]

In 1972 she traveled with the Tirso de Molina actors company to the German Federal Republic to represent Spanish emigrants in the work of Miguel Mihura Ninette and a lord of Murcia.[11] On her return, she continued to expand her repertoire with tens of thousands of works under the direction of Gustavo Perez Puig, among which may be mentioned the goldfish(1973) by Jean Anouilh,[12] Don Mendo's Revenge (1977), Pedro Muñoz Seca, Angelina or honor of a brigadier (1979 ) of Jardiel Enrique Ponce, A night at home ... Lady (1979) of Jean de Létraz,[13] The case of women asesinadita (1982), Miguel Mihura, A roundtrip husband (1985), of Jardiel, The mocedades del Cid (1990) of Guillem de Castro,[14] and the tyrant Judit (1992), Pedro Salinas, Vested Interests (1992), by Jacinto Benavente, Cyanide ... Alone or with milk? (1993) of Juan José Alonso Millán, Don Juan Tenorio (1993), de Zorrilla, The Knight of the Golden Spurs (1994), by Alejandro Casona[15] and Picospardo's (1995) of Javier García Maurino directed by Mara Recatero, the last three mentioned in the Spanish Theatre.

She was also a regular face on television since the mid-1960s, participating in several televised theater spaces such as Study 1 .

She retired in the late 1990s.

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