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Environmental movement in South Africa

The Endangered Wildlife Trust is a South African environmental organisation for the conservation of threatened species and ecosystems in southern Africa.[1]

Founded in 1973, the EWT implements conservation research and action programmes, supports biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, and advocates the sustainable use of natural resources. EWT establishes dedicated working groups through which the objectives of the Trust can be achieved. These working groups are the operational units of the organisation and are essentially self-managed, harnessing the talent and enthusiasm of a network of specialists and stakeholders in an area of conservation priority. Existing working groups have developed highly credible track records affecting conservation outcomes.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust and two other organisations accredit the Specialized Wildlife Protection Academy.

Working groups[edit]

  • Airports Wildlife Working Group
  • Birds of Prey Working Group
  • Carnivore Conservation Group
  • Conservation Leadership Group
  • Healthy Rivers Programme
  • IT4 Conservation Group
  • Law and Policy Working Group
  • Marine & Coastal Working Group
  • Wildlife Conflict Prevention Group
  • Riverine Rabbit Working Group
  • International Crane Foundation / EWT Partnership
  • Threatened Grassland Species Programme
  • CBSG Southern Africa
  • Wildlife Energy Interaction Group
  • TRAFFIC East / Southern Africa
  • Giant Bullfrog Project

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