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Developer(s) NaturalMotion
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type 3D computer graphics
Website Natural Motion Website

Endorphin is a dynamic motion synthesis software package developed by NaturalMotion. Endorphin can be used to generate computer simulations of large numbers of independent characters interacting with each other and the world according to brief scripts or 'behaviours'. It combines physics, AI, and genetic algorithms to create realistic animations. Unlike Euphoria, also developed by NaturalMotion, Endorphin is not an engine, but a 3D animation tool for Microsoft Windows.

At the heart of the software is an adaptive behaviors module which assigns context-sensitive motions to characters based on their surroundings --- for example, football players could be programmed to automatically tackle when near another player, or a swordsman could swing to attack nearby enemies. This automatic behaviour generation differentiates the software from competitors, and reduces the burden on animators to individually select behaviours for each agent in a large scene.

Registered users on Naturalmotion's website can attain a free learning edition of Endorphin, however it lacks the feature to export the animation to popular CAD Software, a feature only available in the full version of the program.

It has been used in many movies and video games such as Troy, Poseidon and Tekken 5.

As of 2014, Endorphin is no longer supported by NaturalMotion. The software is unavailable for purchase, and the user community has been removed from the company's website.

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