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Endre Farkas (born 1948) is a Montreal-based poet, editor and playwright born in Hajdúnánás Hungary in 1948.[1] After the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, he fled to Canada with his parents, who were Holocaust survivors.[1] When he first arrived, his given name Endre was Quebecized to André.[2] During his undergraduate degree at Concordia University he participated in the Sir George Williams affair as an occupant. He then took a few years off to live at an artist commune called Meatball Creek Farm in the Quebec Eastern Townships.[3]

Since the 1970s, he taught literature at John Abbott College in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec.[3] He retired in 2008.[2] His work has been published in six different languages: French, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Slovenian and Turkish.[4] He was a part of the Montreal experimental writing collective, The Vehicule Poets and was a founding editor of Véhicule Press.[5] He later founded the publishing press, The Muses’ Company.[6] He won the Quebec Writers' Federation Community Award in 2011 "for the inclusiveness and power of his vision for Quebec literature," according to QWF spokeswoman Gina Roitman.[5]

He participated in Dial-A-Poem Montreal 1985-1987.[7]



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