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Eng Family Benevolent Association, also referred to as Eng Suey Sun Association (Chinese: 伍胥山公所; pinyin: Wǔxūshān Gōngsuǒ; Jyutping: Ng5seoi1saan1 Gung1so2), was founded by members of the Wu (伍) clan, who emigrated from China to various parts of the world while seeking out a better life (References 1). Note that the Chinese surname 伍 is transliterated to a number of forms. Examples are: Wu, Ng, Eng, Ing, or Ang.

Eng Family Associations around the world are often named in honor of the common ancestor of the Wu Clan from Suzhou China, Wu Zixu (伍子胥), referring to a shrine erected for him on a mountain, 胥山, with Cantonese transliteration, Eng Suey Sun (Reference 2). Today, there are a number of Eng Family Benevolent Associations or fraternal societies all over the world. They are located in Taishan Guangdong and Hong Kong, People's Republic of China; Jakarta and Medan, Indonesia; Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia; Yangon, Myanmar; Manila, Philippines; Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver, Canada; and Taipei, Taiwan.

In the United States, the National Eng Family Benevolent Association has its business office at 53 Waverly Place, San Francisco, California, 94108.


The Eng Suey Sun Association has additional branches in North America, including in:


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