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Ng (pronounced [ŋ̍]; English approximation often /ɪŋ/ or /ɛŋ/) is a Cantonese transliteration of the Chinese surnames / (Mandarin ) and (Mandarin ). Alternately, it is a common Hokkien transcription of the name / (Pe̍h-ōe-jī: N̂ɡ, Mandarin Huáng).

The surname is sometimes romanized as Ang, Eng, Ing and Ong in the United States and Ung in Australia. The Mandarin version of Ng is sometimes romanized as Woo or Wu, such as John Woo. In Vietnam, the corresponding surname is Ngô. In Cambodia, the corresponding surname is Oeng.[specify]

A variant pronunciation for 黃/黄 in the Zhangzhou dialect of Hokkien is [ũĩ˨˧] (Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Ûiⁿ) and has various transliterations, such as Oei, Oey, and Uy.

Notable people with the surname Ng (character unknown)[edit]

  • Clive Ng (born 1962), media sector financier and executive
  • Elise Ng (born 1981), Hong Kong squash player
  • Evelyn Ng (born 1975), professional poker player from Canada
  • Fae Myenne Ng, writer living in New York City
  • Geeling Ng, New Zealand actress of "China Girl" fame
  • John Ng (born 1950), kung fu master, traditional Chinese medicine doctor, and pharmacist – now living in Kentucky, US
  • Jonathon Ng, Irish singer-songwriter known as EDEN
  • Josiah Ng (born 1980), Filipino track cyclist
  • Kelvin Ng, politician in Canada who was elected in both the Nunavut Legislature and Northwest Territories Legislature
  • Konrad Ng, US President Barack Obama's brother-in-law and husband of Maya Soetoro-Ng
  • Kim Ng, general manager of the Miami Marlins, the first woman general manager in Major League Baseball
  • Lenhard Ng, Chinese American mathematician (ex-child prodigy)
  • Maya Soetoro-Ng (born 1970), Indonesian-born American writer, US President Obama's half-sister and wife to Konrad Ng
  • Perry Ng (born 1996), English footballer
  • Ng Poon Chew (1866–1931), author, publisher, and advocate for Chinese American civil rights
  • Ng Swee Hong (1935–2006), Malaysian Chinese businessman who founded Pacific Andes
  • Ng Tat Wai (born 1947), badminton player from Penang, Malaysia
  • Ng Yi-Sheng (born 1980), Singaporean writer
  • Ng Yong Li (born 1985), Malaysian professional racing cyclist
  • Ren Ng, founder and the chief executive officer of Californian start-ups Refocus Imaging, Inc and Lytro, Inc
  • Win Ng (1936–1991), Chinese-American sculptor, industrial designer and illustrator

Notable people with the surname Ng (吳)[edit]

  • Ng Mui, said to have been one of the legendary Five Elders – survivors of the destruction of the Shaolin Temple by the Qing Dynasty
  • Andrew Ng (born 1976), computer science professor at Stanford and founder of Coursera
  • Antonio Ng (born 1957), currently a member in the Macau Legislative Assembly
  • Benjamin Ng and Wai Chiu "Tony" Ng, two of the men convicted of the 1983 Wah Mee Massacre in Seattle
  • Carl Ng (born 1976), Hong Kong actor and model
  • Charles Ng (born 1960), Hong Kong Chinese-American serial killer from California, US
  • Charles Wang Wai Ng, Hong Kong Chinese civil engineer and academic
  • Ng Ching-fai, GBS (born 1939), Professor of Chemistry and former President and Vice Chancellor of Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Deep Ng, Hong Kong singer-songwriter, musician, and actor
  • Dominic Ng, Chairman and CEO of East West Bank based in California, US
  • Dora Ng, Hong Kong film costume and make up designer
  • Elaine Ng Yi-Lei (born 1972), actress and Miss Asia 1990
  • Francis Ng Chun-Yu (born 1961), Hong Kong actor
  • Hiu Lui Ng, New Yorker who died in 2008 in the custody of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • James Ng (born 1990), better known as Kwan Gor, Hong Kong singer and actor
  • Jeannette Ng, Hong Kong-born British fantasy author
  • John Lone (吳國良), played the lead role in The Last Emperor
  • Jinny Ng (born 1992), Hong Kong Cantopop artist
  • Kary Ng (born 1986), Hong Kong Cantopop artist
  • Lawrence Ng (born 1964), popular TV actor in Hong Kong
  • Ng Man Tat (1952–2021), veteran actor in the Hong Kong film industry
  • Margaret Ng (born 1948), politician, barrister, writer and columnist in Hong Kong
  • Melissa Ng (born 1972), semi-retired TV actress from Hong Kong
  • Ng Ming Yum (1955–1992), founder of United Democrats of Hong Kong (later called Democratic Party)
  • Ng On-yee (born 1990), World women's snooker champion
  • Richard Ng (born 1939), Hong Kong actor
  • Ron Ng, Hong Kong TVB actor and singer
  • Sandra Ng (born 1965), Hong Kong actress
  • Ng See Yuen, (born 1944) director of independent film companies in Hong Kong
  • Stephen Ng (born 1953), Hong Kong entrepreneur, Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of the Wharf (Holdings) Ltd
  • Ng Ting Yip (born 1960), Hong Kong actor
  • Stanley Ng (born 1960), Hong Kong urban councilor
  • Ng Wai Chiu (born 1981), Hong Kong professional football player
  • Ng Wei (born 1981), male badminton player from Hong Kong
  • Yan Ng (born 1983), Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress

Notable people with the surname Ng (伍)[edit]

  • (Ng) Wu Zixu, general and politician during the Spring and Autumn period, most generally credited by all branches of 伍 clans as the 'first ancestor'
  • Wu Tingfang, also known as Ng Choy, lawyer, diplomat and politician.
  • Ng Poon Chew, author, publisher, and advocate for Chinese American civil rights.
  • Adrienne Louise Clarkson, Hong Kong-born Canadian journalist and Governor General of Canada
  • Celeste Ng, writer.
  • Chelsia Ng, singer and actor from Malaysia
  • Charles Ng (racer), Hong Kong-born touring car driver
  • Christine Ng, Hong Kong actress under contract to Hong Kong's Television Broadcast Limited
  • Edward Ng (1939–2018), mathematical scientist in the US Space Program
  • Katherine Ng (born 1974), Political Assistant to the Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury of Hong Kong
  • Kim Ng, United States baseball executive
  • Kingsley Ng, new media artist
  • Kym Ng, Singaporean actress with MediaCorp
  • Ng Boon Bee (born 1938), former Malaysian badminton player
  • Ng Phek Hoong Irene (born 1963), Singaporean Member of Parliament
  • Ng Yat Chung, Singapore's Chief of Defence Force from 2003 to 2007
  • Philip Ng (born 1977), Hong Kong actor and martial artist
  • Rita Ng, (born 1978), first Miss California winner of Asian descent

Notable people with the surname Ng (黄)[edit]

  • Allan Ng (born 1942), Singaporean businessman
  • Angie Ng (1968–2002), Singaporean murder victim and alleged maid abuser
  • Darren Ng, Australian basketball player
  • Elvin Ng (born 1980), actor who joined the Mediacorp stable in Singapore
  • Irene Ng (actress) (born 1974), Malaysian actress now living in New York City
  • Lina Ng, Singaporean JTEAM actress, formerly under MediaCorp and MediaWorks
  • Nigel Ng (born 1991), Malaysian-born comedian
  • Ng Eng Teng, sculptor in Singapore known for his figurative sculptures, many around Singapore
  • Ng Chee Khern, Chief of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)
  • Ng Chee Yang (born 1989), Singaporean singer
  • Ng Eng Hen (born 1958), Minister of Manpower and Second Minister for Defence of the Republic of Singapore
  • Ng Joo Ngan (born 1947), Malaysian cyclist
  • Ng Moon Hing (born 1955), 4th Anglican Bishop of West Malaysia, since 2007
  • Ng Ser Miang (born 1949), sportsman, diplomat and businessman from Singapore
  • Ng Shin Yii (born 1989), Malaysian world class wushu athlete
  • Ng Teng Fong (born 1930), Singaporean real estate billionaire
  • Robert Ng (born 1952), Singaporean and Chairman of the Sino Group since 1981
  • Ng Tian Hann (born 1969), Malaysian movie director
  • Ng Woon Lam, member of National Watercolor Society NWS and American Watercolor Society
  • Ng Yen Yen, Malaysian politician and Minister of Tourism in the Malaysian Cabinet
  • Ng Yew-Kwang (born 1942), economist at Monash University
  • Darren Ng Wei Jie (1991–2010), murder victim in Singapore
  • Agnes Ng Siew Heok, or Agnes Ng, Singaporean murder victim of the Toa Payoh child murders in 1981
  • Ng Tze Yong (born 2000), Malaysia national badminton player

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