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Engineering Council of India (ECI) is an apex body of engineering associations in India.[1] It was established on 4 April 2002, as the Apex Body of engineering profession in India, by coming together of a large number of Professional Organizations /Institutions of Engineers to work for the advancement of engineering profession in various disciplines and for enhancing the image of engineers in society, by focusing on quality and accountability of engineers. Headquarters of ECI is at New Delhi, India. Today there are 40 members, which includes 8 Government Departments and 32 Indian Engineering Professional Associations/ Institutions representing

Member institutions[edit]

  1. Niti Aayog
  2. Indian Institution Of Industrial Engineering
  3. All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE)
  4. Indian Institution Of Plant Engineers
  5. National Board Of Accreditation (NBA), (AICTE)
  6. Indian National Group Of The IABSE
  7. Central Public Works Department (Ministry Of Urban Development)
  8. Indian Society For Non-Destructive Testing
  9. Department Of Commerce, Ministry Of Commerce & Industry
  10. Indian Society For Technical Education
  11. Department Of Secondary And Higher Education, Ministry Of HRD
  12. Indian Society For Trenchless Technology
  13. Department Of Scintific And Industrial Research, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
  14. Indian Society Of Agriculture Engineers
  15. Indian National Academy Of Engineers
  16. Institute Of Urban Transport (India)
  17. Association Of Consulting Civil Engineers (India)
  18. Institution Of Mechanical Engineers (India)
  19. Broadcast Engineering Society (India)
  20. International Council Of Consultants
  21. Computer Society Of India
  22. Mining Engineers' Association Of India
  23. Consultancy Development Centre
  24. The Aeronautical Society Of India
  25. Construction Industry Development Council
  26. The Automobile Society (India)
  27. Consulting Engineers Association Of India
  28. The Indian Institute Of Metals
  29. Indian Association Of Structural Engineers
  30. The Institute Of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Inc., India Council
  31. Indian Buildings Congress
  32. The Institute Of Marine Engineers (India)
  33. Indian Concrete Institute
  34. The Institution Of Civil Engineers (India)
  35. Indian Geotechnical Society
  36. The Institution Of Electronics And Telecommunications Engineers
  37. Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers
  38. The Institution Of Surveyors
  39. Indian Institution Of Bridge Engineers
  40. The Council Of Engineering And Technology (India)

Objectives of ECI[edit]

  1. Representing Member Associations in government and non- government bodies, and interacting on common policy matters relating to engineering profession
  2. Working for the setting up of a Statutory Council of Engineers and later interfacing with it, providing support and inputs for developing systems and procedures for the registration of engineers, CPD, code of ethics
  3. Facilitating authorization of member associations to register engineers; assisting them in developing internal systems for undertaking registration, CPD, enforcing code of ethics; and providing common forum for CPD to support the member associations
  4. Providing forum for exchange of information and experience among member associations, coordination, common thinking and views on important matters
  5. Helping in the analysis of existing education systems/bodies and making suggestions in order to make the education relevant for the engineering profession and employability
  6. Setting up a Resource Centre and Database of Engineers, which can provide necessary information required for the development of the profession
  7. Interacting with professional associations/bodies in other countries & international bodies
  8. Undertaking and supporting research for the development of the engineering profession

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