Enrico Bondi

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Enrico Bondi
Born (1934-10-05) October 5, 1934 (age 83)
Nationality Italian
Occupation Politician

Enrico Bondi (born 5 October, 1934 in Arezzo) is an Italian administrator.

Although he graduated in Chemistry, Bondi has extensive experience of re-structuring companies in financial ill-health. Most notably, he took charge of Parmalat and its subsidiaries during the crisis that followed the Crac Parmalat in the early 2000s. This was a period which gave rise to a debt of €14bn.[1] Bondi is currently the CEO of Parmalat.

On 11 October 2006, Bondi became chairman of Parma F.C., a position he held until the club's sale to Tommaso Ghirardi in January 2007.

He was nominated government commissioner for the spending review by the Monti Cabinet on 30 April 2012.


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