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Enrique Serna was born in Mexico City on January 11, 1959. Before devoting himself entirely to literature, he was a scriptwriter for various Mexican soap operas and wrote biographies of popular Mexican figures as well as working in the advertising industry as a copywriter. He has published the novels Señorita México, Uno soñaba que era rey, El miedo a los animales, El seductor de la patria (winner of the Mazatlán Prize), Ángeles del abismo (winner of the Colima Prize), Fruta verde, La sangre erguida (winner of the Antonin Artaud Prize) and La doble vida de Jesús. His short stories, collected in his books Amores de segunda mano, El orgasmógrafo and La ternura caníbal have been included in most anthologies of contemporary Mexican short stories. In 2003 Gabriel García Márquez named Serna as one of the best Mexican short story writers in an anthology published by Cambio review. As an essayist, Serna has published three books that share the dark humor of his fiction: Las caricaturas me hacen llorar, Giros negros and Genealogía de la soberbia intelectual. Some of his works have been translated into French, Italian, German, English and Portuguese. He presently writes a monthly article for the influential Mexican cultural review Letras libres.


  • Uno soñaba que era rey (novel)
  • Señorita México (novel)
  • Amores de segunda mano (short stories)
  • El miedo a los animales (novel)
  • El seductor de la patria (novel)
  • El orgasmógrafo (short stories)
  • Ángeles del abismo (novel)
  • Fruta Verde (novel)
  • Fear of Animals (English translation of the novel El miedo a los animales)
  • La Ternura Caníbal (short stories)

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