Entombed (1982 video game)

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Entombed Coverart.png
Developer(s)Western Technologies
Publisher(s)US Games
Designer(s)Tom Sloper[1]
Programmer(s)Paul Allen Newell[2]
Platform(s)Atari 2600
Genre(s)Maze game
Mode(s)1 player, 2 player simultaneous

Entombed is an Atari 2600 game designed by Tom Sloper and programmed by Paul Allen Newell, released in 1982 by US Games. Newell also programmed Towering Inferno for US Games.[1]

The player moves downward through a continuously scrolling maze, trying to get as far as possible while avoiding enemies. The maze cannot scroll backward, so it is possible to get trapped by taking a path that leads to a dead end. Picking-up a large dot gives a "make-break" which removes the maze wall directly below the character.[3] In two-player mode, both players are in the maze at once.


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