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Entwine - Kuopio Rockcock 01.jpg
Entwine at Kuopio Rockcock 2008
Background information
OriginLahti, Finland
GenresGothic metal, dark rock, hard rock
Years active1995–present
Associated actsShamRain
Before the Dawn
MembersJaani Kähkönen
Joni Miettinen
Aksu Hanttu
Mika Tauriainen
Tom Mikkola
Past membersRiitta Heikkonen
Panu Willman
Teppo Taipale
Saara Hellström

Entwine is a Finnish gothic metal band from Lahti in Finland.


Entwine was originally assembled under the name Kaamos in 1995 by guitarist and vocalist Tom Mikkola, drummer Aksu Hanttu and bassist Teppo Taipale. They were originally a death metal band with harsh male vocals. In 1997 they decided to change their name to Entwine and their musical style to gothic metal/rock.

Rhythm guitarist and vocalist Panu Willman was added to the band's line-up in 1997. In December of that same year, Entwine recorded its first demo entitled Divine Infinity. In February 1998 keyboard player Riitta Heikkonen joined the band.

Entwine's debut album Treasures Within Hearts was released in September 1999. In April 2000 both Willman and Taipale left the band, with the latter being replaced by Joni Miettinen. Vocalist Mika Tauriainen was added to the band on the following month.

The band's next album Gone was released in April 2001. It received the award of "Album of the Month" from German magazine Hammer and the song "New Dawn" entered the "Finnish Single Charts" in one of the top ten positions.

Jaani Kähkönen joined the band as a live session guitarist in late 2001, but soon became a permanent member of Entwine. In early 2002 the band recorded their third album, Time of Despair, which was produced by Anssi Kippo. Entwine then toured Europe with Theatre of Tragedy and Ram-Zet to promote this release.

In 2003 Entwine recorded their fourth album, diEversity, released in March 2004. This album showed an evolution on their sound, abandoning some of the band's gothic roots and opting for a heavier style. This new style incorporated heavy, de-tuned rhythm guitars alongside more melodic vocals than in previous albums. The band's first single "Bitter Sweet" reached No. 3 on the "Finnish Single Charts" and the album itself reached No. 11 on the "Official Chart of Finland".

Entwine released in August 2005 an EP containing five tracks, entitled Sliver.

In August 2006 Entwine released their fifth album entitled Fatal Design and toured in Europe with German gothic rock band Zeraphine.

On December 8, 2006, keyboardist Riitta Heikkonen announced her departure from the band citing personal reasons. No replacement is planned. Blabbermouth

On May 3, 2008, Entwine announced that they had begun work on their sixth studio album which was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Apocalyptica, Sentenced). The album was set to be released on January 14, 2009, but was pushed back to the 28th.[1] With the title Painstained. Blabbermouth

A compilation album was released on June 23, 2010 with the name Rough n' Stripped.

The band announced in January 2014 that they had begun recording their Seventh album. On December 22, 2014 the vocals were completed. On May 12, 2015, Entwine stated that they were in the final stages of programming, mixing and mastering the album. On June 25, 2015, the band announced on their official Facebook page that the album had been completed and was now ready for release. This will be their first commercial release for six years. An exact release date for the album has not yet been announced to the public, although a vague date of Autumn 2015 has been given by band on their Facebook page . A behind the scenes photograph of drummer Aksu Hanttu shows him holding the master recording of the album in the studio. A note on the label of the CD suggests that the album will have the title of Chaotic Nation.


Current members

  • Mika Tauriainen - vocals (Since 1999)
  • Tom Mikkola - guitars (Since 1995)
  • Jaani Kähkönen - guitars (Since 2001)
  • Joni Miettinen - bass guitar (Since 2000)
  • Aksu Hanttu - drums (Since 1995)

Former members

  • Teppo Taipale - bass guitar (1995–1999)
  • Panu Willman - vocals, guitars (1997–1999)
  • Riitta Heikkonen - keyboards (1997–2006)







  • New Dawn (2000)
  • The Pit (2002)
  • Bitter Sweet (2004)
  • Surrender (2006)
  • Chameleon Halo (2006)
  • Strife (radio only single 2008)


  • Divine Infinity (1997)


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