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Environmental Products Corporation
Industry Recycling
Founded 1979
Headquarters Naugatuck, Connecticut
Products Reverse vending machines, collection and processing of used beverage containers, compactors, waste sorting technologies
Parent Envipco Holding N.V.
Website http://www.envipco.com

Envipco ("Environmental Products Corporation") is a global recycling company. Envipco's corporate headquarters are located in Naugatuck, Connecticut.
Envipco owns Sorepla Industrie, a plastics recycling plant in France that converts PET and HDPE to plastic pellets that can be used to make new plastic products, clothing, carpeting and other products.[1] Envipco USA is an American manufacturer and distributor of reverse vending machines and other reverse vending solutions.

Company Products[edit]

Reverse Vending Machines[edit]

Envipco products include Reverse vending machines and customized solutions for its clients. Reverse vending machines (RVMs) collect, compact and sort customers' empty beverage containers and, where applicable, issue a voucher redeemable for cash. The Envipco RVMs can also have interactive advertising, couponing and integration with Retailer POS.
Envipco's reverse vending machines differ based on the market in which they appear. In deposit-and-return markets, the reverse vending machines use bar code technology to identify the product being recycled. In non-deposit markets the reverse vending machines identify the product as being PET or aluminum.[2]
In the United States, Envipco machines are most common in the 11 states that require bottle deposits. Envipco's current flagship product is the CF1500 line of reverse vending machines for the Deposit markets which prints a cash voucher for a refund of the deposit paid on the container. In states that do not have bottle deposits, as well as outside of the United States, reverse vending machines can generate coupons, prizes or vouchers for donations to schools.[2]

Recycling Centers[edit]

In a joint venture pilot project with Coca-Cola Co. bulk feed, high volume Recycling Centers for beverage containers have been installed at locations in and around Arlington, Texas, typically in grocery store parking lots. The project is called Reimagine.[3] Texas is not a state with container deposits, so people who recycle containers at one of the Reimagine Recycling locations earn points which can be used to donate funds to local schools, enter sweepstakes for prizes, and get coupons for products or gift certificates for local businesses.


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