Ephraim Palace

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Ephraim Palace
Museum Ephraim-Palais im Sommer.jpg
Ephraim Palace, 2010
General information
Architectural styleRococo
Town or cityBerlin
Coordinates52°30′57″N 13°24′26″E / 52.5159°N 13.4072°E / 52.5159; 13.4072Coordinates: 52°30′57″N 13°24′26″E / 52.5159°N 13.4072°E / 52.5159; 13.4072
Construction started1762
Renovated1985-1987 (rebuild)
Design and construction
ArchitectFriedrich Wilhelm Dieterichs

The Ephraim Palace (German: Ephraim-Palais) is a Rococo-style building in Berlin, Germany, originally constructed in 1766. Despite the destruction of the palace in 1936 by Nazi Germany, the beginning of a reconstruction was possible in 1985, as many elements of the facade had been stored in East Germany. Today, the Ephraim Palace is a cultural-heritage property and houses a museum, mostly dealing with cultural topics.

The Ephraim Palace is named after Veitel Heine Ephraim, who hired the experienced architect Friedrich Wilhelm Dieterichs to design a palace on the property of the oldest pharmacy of Berlin.


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