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Ephraim Peabody (22 March 1807 Wilton, New Hampshire - 28 November 1856 Boston, Massachusetts) was a Unitarian clergyman from the United States.


He was graduated at Bowdoin College in 1827, studied theology in Cambridge, Massachusetts and began to preach in 1830 at Meadville, Pennsylvania. He was minister for four years in Cincinnati, pastor of a Unitarian church at New Bedford, Massachusetts 1838-1846, and for the remainder of his life pastor of King's Chapel, Boston.

He was the originator of the Boston Provident Society, and was otherwise largely interested in devising measures for the relief of the poor. During 1853 he travelled in Europe to benefit his health, and spent the winter of 1855/56 in St. Augustine, Florida, with the same object. He was favorably known as a pulpit orator. His sermons, with a memoir, were published in 1857, and a volume of his writings, entitled Christian Days and Thoughts, also appeared (1858).



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