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Ephraim W. Bouvé (1817-1897) was an engraver in Boston, Massachusetts, in the 19th century.[1][2][3] Around 1848 he kept a studio on Washington Street.[1] By 1863 he had moved his studio to Bromfield Street, and by 1883 moved again, to Milk Street.[4] E.W. Bouvé served as a judge in the category for "paper, blank books, stationery, etc." in the 1887 exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association.[5]

There were two lithographers called "E.W. Bouvé" in Boston in the 1840s: Ephraim and Elisha. The latter was probably related to the Boston cabinetmaker Ephraim Osborn Bouvé; they shared a home on Cooper Street.[6]


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