Epulafquén Lake

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Epulafquén Lake
Location Huiliches Department, Neuquén Province, Patagonia
Coordinates 39°47′59″S 71°33′19″W / 39.79972°S 71.55528°W / -39.79972; -71.55528Coordinates: 39°47′59″S 71°33′19″W / 39.79972°S 71.55528°W / -39.79972; -71.55528
Type Glacial lake
Primary outflows Huechulafquen Lake
Basin countries Argentina
Max. length ~7 km (4.3 mi)
Max. width ~2 km (1.2 mi)
Surface elevation 895 m (2,936 ft)

Epulafquén Lake (Spanish pronunciation: [epuˈlafken]) is a lake in Neuquén Province, Patagonian Argentina. This glacial lake is located in the Andean mountains in Lanín National Park. Hydrologically it forms one lake together with Huechulafquen Lake and is then considered an arm of it. It is separated from Huechulafquen Lake by a small channel formed due to the emergence of a small volcanic cone during the Holocene. One if the lake's most prominent features is a large delta-formed lava flow from Huanquihue volcano on its southern shore.