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Epyon B.V.
Besloten vennootschap
Industry Electronics
Founded 2006, Delft
Headquarters Rijswijk, the Netherlands
Area served
Key people
Hans Streng (CEO), Crijn Bouman, Wouter Robers, Wouter Smit (founders)[1]
Products Fast Chargers for electric vehicles
Number of employees
50 (FTE, 2010)
Website www.epyonpower.com
Epyon headquarters in Rijswijk

Epyon is a Dutch company that produces fast-chargers for electric vehicles.

Epyon opened Europe’s first commercial fast-charging station in May 2010[citation needed] in the Netherlands. The system can deliver 50 kilowatts of power to charge a nine-person taxi van in 30 minutes.[2][3][4] Epyon’s system offers the ability to charge multiple vehicles at the same time, remote configuration, and an Internet-based system that lets Dutch utility Essent bill customers for use. The Netherlands-based station will be used to charge two nine-person taxi van EVs from local taxi company Kijlstra.[5]

Epyon's charge stations are compliant with the CHAdeMO standard, which is used by the Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi i MiEV. Epyon's charging station can provide an 80 percent charge for the Leaf's 24-kWh battery pack in about 30 minutes. [6]

Recently this company was bought by ABB.


Epyon started in 2006 based on advances of nanotechnology in batteries. The first product of Epyon was a 1-minute telephone charger called the FlashPack. The FlashPack had an internal battery[7] or super capacitor[8] that could be charged in under a minute. Epyon abandoned the telephone market to serve the Electric Vehicle market before the FlashPack reached the stores.[1][9]

In October 2010 Epyon showed an AC/DC combined charging post together with Nissan at the Paris Motor Show.[10]

In November 2010 Lite-On announced it invested into Epyon.[11] Epyon raised 7 Million Euros in this investment round.[12]

On June 30, 2011 ABB has acquired Epyon.

On May 20, 2014 Epyon was recognized as the Cleantech startup of the Decade. [13]


Epyon builds CHAdeMO certified chargers:

  • Terra 51: a 50 kW fast charger
  • Terra Charge Post: A small envelope fast-charge post for use with their Base station.
  • Terra Base station: A cabinet with the power electronics that can connect up to 4 charge posts.
  • Luna: A retrofit box to convert an electric car to CHAdeMO.

Power Routing[edit]

Epyon's chargers are remotely managed by their Power Routing network,[14] which computes the local power grid, billing, and battery life management.[15]


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