Eramosa River Trail

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Eramosa River Trail sign
The trail information sign at the beginning of the Eramosa River Trail.

The Eramosa River Trail is a 4.1 km urban walking trail that runs alongside the Eramosa River in Guelph, Ontario, stretching from the Gordon Street covered bridge east to Stone Road.[1] It is considered a section of the Royal Recreational Trail, and meets up with the Downtown and Speed River sections of that trail system at its western terminus.[2]


Guelph Lattice Covered Bridge
The Lattice Covered Bridge at the York Road and Gordon Street trailhead.

The Eramosa River Trail passes through many landmarks throughout the city of Guelph.

Covered Bridge[edit]

The well-known Lattice Covered Bridge is located at the start of the Eramosa River Trail near the Guelph Lawn Bowling Club in central Guelph, and serves as a pedestrian and cyclist crossing for the Speed River.[3] It was erected on June 1, 1992 with the help of 400 volunteers, all of whom were members of the Timber Framers Guild.[4]The bridge was constructed using building designs from the 1800s, and is almost completely unique, being one of two lattice covered bridges in Ontario.[5]

Parks and Rivers[edit]

The trail runs through or near many parks within the city. These include: York Road Park, Eramosa River Park, the University of Guelph Aboretum, and Royal Jaycees Bicentennial Park.[6] In addition, the trail runs adjacent to the scenic Eramosa River, and ends at the Speed River.


The Eramosa River Trail can be considered to have two segments. The western portion follows the northern bank of the Eramosa River, and runs from the Lattice Covered Bridge to Victoria Road, spanning roughly 2.3 km.[7] This section of the trail is wide and flat, and surfaced with crushed stone dust,[8] which makes it an easy, level walking or running trail.[9] The western portion of the trail is wheelchair accessible between Lawrence Avenue and the intersection of York Road and Gordon Street.[10]

At Victoria Road, a road bridge allows access to the eastern section of the trail, which follows the south bank of the Eramosa River.[11] This trail section is approximately 1.8 km in length,[12] and runs from Victoria Road east to Stone Road.[13] The trail here is a natural path, and is narrower and more overgrown than the formal stone dust trail.[14] It provides a less even, more challenging trail surface.

The eastern portion of the trail has been proposed as a formal extension of the Eramosa River Trail section of the Royal Recreational Trail,[15] but as yet this proposal has not been put into action.

Parks and Events[edit]

Eramosa River Trail
A shady stretch of the Eramosa River Trail, along the river.

The Eramosa River trail passes through parts of five parks: York Road Park, Eramosa River Park, Lyon Park, the University of Guelph Aboretum, and Royal Jaycees Bicentennial Park. Each of these parks has different features and therefore are used by different organizations in Guelph and the surrounding areas.

The park is also used for charity events some of these would include walks along the trail and through this park to raise money for cancer research.[16] The local army reserve uses some of the parks for training areas and battlefield fitness tests.[17]

Aside from being a place to hold events, these parks is also a great place to take photos. The Guelph photography club has a collection of photos from the parks as well as along the Eramosa trail.[18]

This area is also has a rich history which leads to historical walking tours. The trail just touches on the York road park which is the location of the covered bridge.[19]

York Road Park.[20][edit]


  • Hardball
  • Softball
  • Soccer

Eramosa River Park[21][edit]


  • Volleyball
  • Hardball
  • Play area
  • Leash free zone
  • Shaded area

Lyon Park[22][edit]


  • Outdoor ice rink
  • Outdoor swimming pool (June 30 –Sept 5)
  • Soft ball
  • Mini soccer
  • Play area