Eratosthenes Seamount

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Eratosthenes Seamount
South Cyprus bathymetric features.png
Bathymetric features south of Cyprus
Summit depth 690 m (2,264 ft)
Height 2,000 m (6,562 ft)
Summit area 120 km × 80 km (75 mi × 50 mi)
Location Eastern Mediterranean
Group Eratosthenes Abyssal Plain
Country 33°40′N 32°40′E / 33.667°N 32.667°E / 33.667; 32.667Coordinates: 33°40′N 32°40′E / 33.667°N 32.667°E / 33.667; 32.667
Type Seamount (continental fragment)

The Eratosthenes Seamount is a seamount in the Eastern Mediterranean about 100 km south of western Cyprus. It is a large, submerged massif, about 120 km long and 80 km wide. Its peak lies at the depth of 690 m and it rises 2000 m above the surrounding seafloor, which is located at the depth of up to 2,700 m and is a part of the Eratosthenes Abyssal Plain. It is one of the largest features on the Eastern Mediterranean seafloor.

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