Erg Chech 002

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Erg Chech 002
TypeUngrouped achondrite[1]
Shock stageLow
Weathering gradeLow
Coordinates26°01′55″N 1°36′40″W / 26.032°N 1.611°W / 26.032; -1.611Coordinates: 26°01′55″N 1°36′40″W / 26.032°N 1.611°W / 26.032; -1.611[1]
Observed fallNo
Found dateMay 2020[1]
Alternative namesEC 002
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Erg Chech 002 (EC 002) is an ancient andesite meteorite discovered in the Erg Chech region of the Sahara Desert in Algeria. It is believed to be a fragment of a chondritic protoplanet that is over 4.656 billion years old, and is believed to be the oldest known volcanic rock on Earth.[2][3][4]


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