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Erich Wasicky (born May 27, 1911 in Vienna – died May 28, 1947 at Landsberg Prison, Landsberg am Lech, Allied-occupied Germany) was a pharmacist at the Mauthausen concentration camp in charge of gassing victims.

Wasicky was a physician. He joined the NSDAP and was a member of the SS. Between 1941 and 1944, he worked as a pharmacist at Mauthausen concentration camp. It was his duty to select victims to die in the gas chamber. The exact number of his victims is not known, but more than 3,100 died in neighboring Hartheim concentration camp, which fell under Wasicky's jurisdiction. After the Nazis started using the poison Zyklon B, Wasicky was put in charge of establishing this process in both Mauthausen and Hartheim.

After the end of World War II, Wasicky was charged with murder by a U.S. military tribunal. On May 13, 1946, he was found guilty. On May 28, 1947, he was hanged in Landsberg Prison.

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