Ernie Odoom

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Ernie Odoom
Ernie Odoom.jpg
Photo of Ernie in 2009
Background information
GenresJazz, jazz fusion, jazz funk, improvisation
Occupation(s)Bandleader, composer, saxophonist, vocalist
InstrumentsSaxophone, Vocals

Ernie Odoom is a Swiss Vocalist, Saxophonist and Band Leader. He was a co-founder of PPA+ and Rootman which is Thai version of PPA+.[1][2] Odoom released albums for the band LeBocal, as a vocalist and saxophonist, with his friends since 2002 and developing modern-improvising on his own style.[3]

Odoom won the Prix du Festival at Crest Vocal Jazz competition in 2004 and went on to form the piano-voice duo E'MOW and the progressive pop quartet Liquid Groovement with pianist Michel Wintsch, who is a reference in improvised music in Switzerland.[4][5] In 2008, Ernie began work with a new trio, The Glenn Ferris Wheel, with Glenn Ferris on trombone and Bruno Rousselet on double bass.[6]

As a founder of Jaydo's Jazz Cafe in Geneva,[7][8] he is playing jazz music in Geneva and usually appears on European/Asian jazz stages including AMR Jazz Festival (Swiss), Thailand Jazz Conference (Thailand), Saxophone Pub (Thailand), Eden Lounge (Vietnam), Pickwick Pub (Swiss) and Blakat Jam Session in Au Chat Noir (Swiss).[9][10][11][12][13]


Ernie Odoom began recording his full album in 1991. A list of albums featuring Ernie Odoom :[14][15]

With Les Tontons Flingueurs

  • Mama Told Me (1991)
  • Voleur de Feu (1995)

With Peeping Tom

  • Peeping Tom (1994)

With Sao

  • Entre Ciel et Terre (1999)

With LeBocal

  • Collectif etc (2002)
  • Oh No !... Just Another Frank Zappa Memorial Barbecue ! (2003)
  • Ego (2006)
  • Bist du froh ? (2012)

With Pavel Pesta Re-Bop Quintet

  • Pavel Pesta Re-Bop Quintet (2005)

With Glenn Ferris Wheel Trio

  • ENJA (2009)

With William Parker

Recordings on his live performances :

  • Just Kidding, Interrogation (1999)
  • PPA+, Live at the Chat Noir (2002)
  • Croon On (2003)
  • L’Ilorkestra (2004)
  • E’MOW (2006)

A list of CD albums that Ernie was invited to be a guest artist :

  • Icare-SaturnSplit-32db (1997) - with Peeping Tom
  • Lili Lazer (1998) - with Brico Jardin
  • Liquid Sand (1999) - with Peeping Tom
  • 16 Nouvelles Aventures (1999) - with Brico Jardin
  • Neuf (2000) - with Sandro en Compagnie
  • Delivering (2004) - with Actaruss 1
  • Pavel Pesta Re-Bop Quintet (2005)
  • Right Next Door (2006) - with Quartier Lointain


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