Ersekë Stadium

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Stadiumi Gramozi Ersekë
Gramozi Stadium
Location Ersekë, Albania
Coordinates 40°20′0″N 20°41′0″E / 40.33333°N 20.68333°E / 40.33333; 20.68333Coordinates: 40°20′0″N 20°41′0″E / 40.33333°N 20.68333°E / 40.33333; 20.68333
Owner Council of Ersekë
Operator KS Gramozi Ersekë
Capacity 10000 (2000 seated)
Field size 101m by 63m
Surface Natural grass
Renovated 2009
Expanded 2009
KS Gramozi Ersekë

Ersekë Stadium (Albanian: Fusha Sportive Ersekë) is a multi-use stadium in Ersekë. The stadium was built by the Ersekë council and was paid for by them. The stadium currently holds around 6000 supporters, with seating for 2000. The playing surface is made from all natural grass.


It has recently been renovated following Gramozi's promotion to the Albanian Superliga in 2009. The stadium was expanded in terms of capacity as it can now hold 10,000 from the previous 2000. There is still however only one stand in the stadium which can seat 2000 and has a V.I.P area. The changing rooms have also been renovated and new showers have been fitted for both the home and away sides. There is also now a press room, one of a few in Albania at the moment.[1]