Escalante Route

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Escalante Route
Overlook over the Colorado.JPG
The Colorado River seen from the Escalante Route
LocationGrand Canyon National Park, Arizona, United States
Hiking details
SightsGrand Canyon
HazardsSevere Weather
Flash Flood

The Escalante Route is a hiking trail on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, located in the U.S. state of Arizona. It starts near the Tanner Rapids on the Colorado River and follows the river. It also passes by Escalante Creek and ends near the Hance Rapids. It falls into the lowest maintenance category ("route") of the Grand Canyon trails which means it is essentially unmaintained. There is an unavoidable 30-feet cliff located near the Hance Rapids which need to be climbed. The National Park Service advises to bring a rope for backpacks. There are several other easy, yet avoidable climbing opportunities in 75 Mile Canyon, some of which have been marked by cairns.

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Coordinates: 36°06′14″N 111°50′02″W / 36.104°N 111.834°W / 36.104; -111.834