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Eskayef Bangladesh Limited, also known as SK+F, is a pharmaceutical company based in Bangladesh. It is part of the Transcom Group.

Eskayef Bangladesh Limited
Private Limited
Industry Pharmaceutical
Founded by Transcom in 1990
Headquarters Tongi, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Corporate history[edit]

Eskayef Bangladesh Limited (SK+F), a successor of Smith ne and French in Bangladesh was acquired by TRANSCOM in 1990, is one of the pharmaceutical company of Bangladesh, which is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of therapeutic drugs, bulk pellets and animal health and nutrition products with annual sales surpassing 80 million US dollars. Eskayef is growing more global and exporting its products and bulk pellets to 15 countries across 4 continents. Presently Eskayef is also marketing eye care products of Allergan Inc. USA, the global leader in this special area.

Business information[edit]

Eskayef is now one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh and is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of therapeutic drugs, bulk pellets and animal health and nutrition products. Rapid business growth since its inception has propelled Eskayef to a position of eminence among the pharmaceutical companies operating in Bangladesh today. It manufactures and markets 160 pharmaceutical products with more than 300 dosage forms and has established 22 products as the brand leader in the market.

Under the contract manufacturing deal between Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd, the Danish insulin maker Novo Nordisk has set up a high-tech insulin manufacturing plant at Tongi. The plant is the third set up by Novo Nordisk in Asia after China and India.

In 2005, Eskayef began exporting bulk pellets and finished products to Asia, Africa, and Central America and is in the process of exporting to European countries. The company also has ties with the eye-care company Allergan Inc. of USA.

From 2013, the company began manufacturing as well as marketing eye care products and intravenous infusions, including amino acids intravenous infusion in the brand name of Protinex IV Infusion, from its own manufacturing facilities located at Tongi Industrial Area.

Agrovet products[edit]

Since its inception in 2001, the Agrovet Division has been manufacturing and marketing a wide range of therapeutic and nutritional products for poultry, livestock and fish. It also markets and sells soil micronutrients for crops, vegetables and tea plantations. The Agrovet Division has been exporting its products to Guatemala and Nepal as the pioneering exporter from Bangladesh of animal health and nutritional products since 2005.

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