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Estas Tonne
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Tonne in 2017
Background information
Birth name Stanislav Tonne
Born (1975-04-24) 24 April 1975 (age 43)[1][2]
Zaporizhia, Ukraine, Soviet Union[3][4]
Genres Classic, Gypsy, Fingerstyle guitar
Occupation(s) Guitarist
Years active 2002–present

Estas Tonne (Ukrainian: Естас Тонне, Russian: Эстас Тонне, born 24 April 1975) is a self-styled "modern day troubadour"[5] who primarily plays the classical guitar in a style derived from Gypsy music.[6]


Tonne was born with the name Stanislav Tonne in Ukraine, Soviet Union, where he spent his first six years. He has German and Jewish ancestry. At the age of eight, he took up the guitar but after his family moved to Israel in 1990, he stopped playing for 11 years. Tonne served six months in Israel Defense Forces.[4] In September 2001, he moved to New York and resumed playing the guitar in a duo with a violinist and street musician Michael Shulman. Since then, Tonne performs at concerts, conferences, street festivals, yoga, art or other festivals worldwide.[3]

Tonne is vegetarian. Besides Ukraine, Israel and the United States, he lived in Mexico, India, France, Germany, and Austria, and rarely stayed for more than a year at one place as an adult.[4] Besides a guitar, he can play the flute.[2]

Partial discography[edit]

The following albums and singles are available for free download on his website:[7]

  • 2002: Black and White World
  • 2004: Dragon of Delight
  • 2008: 13 Songs of Truth
  • 2009: Bohemian Skies
  • 2011: Place of the Gods
  • 2012: Live in Odeon (2011)
  • 2012: The Inside Movie
  • 2013: Internal Flight (Guitar Version)
  • 2013: Internal Flight (Live at Gara Vasara)
  • 2014: The Song of the Butterfly (Estas Tonne,Istvan Sky Kék Ég, Pablo Arellano)(Single)
  • 2016: Rebirth of a Thought: Between Fire & Water (single)
  • 2016: Cosmic Fairytale: Dimensions (single)
  • 2016: Elemental (Who Am I?!) (Estas Tonne, La Familia Cosmic) (single)
  • 2016: Cuban Rhapsody (Estas Tonne, Dimitri Artemenko) (single)
  • 2016: Divine Smile (Estas Tonne, Dimitri Artemenko) (single)
  • 2016: When Words are Wind (Estas Tonne,Joseph Pepe Danza, Netanel Goldberg,Mitsch Kohn) (single)
  • 2016: Mother of Souls (Estas Tonne & One Heart Family) (108 min)


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