Eth Geregye

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Eth Geregye
Voivode of Transylvania
Reign 1200
Predecessor Legforus
Successor Julius Kán
Died after 1215
Noble family gens Geregye
Spouse(s) Unknown[1]
Geregye I

Eth from the kindred Geregye (Écs; died after 1215) was a Hungarian distinguished nobleman, who served as voivode of Transylvania and ispán (comes) of Fehér County in 1200, during the reign of King Emeric.[2] Eth also functioned as ispán of Újvár County in 1201[3] and Kolozs County in 1215.[1]

Eth was the first known member of the gens Geregye, which originated from the borderlands of Vas and Zala counties in Transdanubia.[4] Simultaneously with his voivodeship, Eth became a landowner in Transylvania, when he was granted the first royal donations in Bihar County and the surrounding areas for his descendants, who were called the "lords of Berettyó" (or Barcău in Romanian) thereafter.[5] His son was judge royal Paul Geregye, therefore, he was the grandfather of voivode Nicholas Geregye.[1]


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Eth I
Born:  ?  Died: after 1215
Political offices
Preceded by
Voivode of Transylvania
Succeeded by
Julius Kán