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Ethan Allen is a Grammy nominated American record producer, mixer, engineer, writer and musician currently living in Los Angeles, California. He is also a multi-instrumentalist and performer currently working with the band ASHRR and Jesika Von Rabbit. Some of his credits include Mavis Staples, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Ben Harper, The 88, Tricky, Luscious Jackson, The Cult, Gram Rabbit, Sheryl Crow, Tim Finn, Brant Bjork, Donita Sparks, Meg Myers, Patty Griffin, and Better Than Ezra.


Ethan began his musical career playing in bands and writing songs in Austin, Texas. It was also there that he began learning to record, working first at a small jingle studio, and later at Arlyn and Pedernales, Willie Nelson's two studios and at the time the largest studios in town. In 1995, Ethan accepted an invitation to come and work at Kingsway, producer Daniel Lanois' recording studio located in the French Quarter of New Orleans. While there, he eventually became house engineer and worked on many major label and independent records with a wide variety of artists, producers, engineers, and musical styles. Ethan left that position in 2000 to become a freelance engineer and producer, and also helped to found the Truck Farm Studio in the upper ninth ward of New Orleans. Since 2003, Ethan has been a resident of the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, and it is also the location of his studio – Royal Triton.


Artist Title Label Role Year
Mavis Staples We Get By Anti Records E, Co-P, M 2019
ASHRR Oscillator First Second AWAL P, E, M, Gtr, Keys, Pr 2019
Richard Waters The Raven Watermark P, E, M, Gtr, Keys, Pr 2019
Greg Corcione Future In Music Independent Singles P, E, M, Gtr, Keys, Pr 2019
Athena Andreadis I'm Waiting Embraceable Records P, E, M, Pr, Gtr, Keys 2019
Ben Harper and Charley Musselwhite "No Mercy In This Land" Anti Records P, E, M 2018
Jesika Von Rabbit "Dessert Rock" Dionysus P, E, M, C0-W, Keys, Gtr, Pr 2019
Strega Bianca Salem Salem Records P, E, M, Keys, Gtr, Pr 2019
Jared and the Mill Wilderness Call upcoming release P, E, M 2018
The Burn Verses The Burn Verses Anthem Records P, E, M 2018
Birdseye Into The Pines Blank City Records P, E, M, Co-W, Keys 2018
Proper Junkies Ethical Drugs pcoming release P, E, M, Keys, Pr 2018
Lola Christison Lola Christison upcoming release P, E, M 2017
Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals "Call It What It Is" Stax/Vagrant P, E, M 2016
Madeline Spooner Nautilus Scry Baby Records P, E, M, Co-W, Keys, Pr 2016
FLAVIA Embers Upcoming release P,E,M,Co-W, Keys, Pr 2016
Daniel Powter Independent upcoming release E 2015
Ultra Violent Rays Independent The Voyeur P, E, M, Keys, Pr 2015
Natalie Maines "Mother" Sony E 2013
Gram Rabbit "Braised And Confused" Royal Order P,E,M, Vocs,Gtr, Keys, Pr, Co-W 2013
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Specter At The Feast" Vagrant/ Abstract Dragon P,E,M 2013
Lisa Donnelly Home Independent P,E,M, Co-W 2013
Meg Myers Daughter In The Choir Independent M 2012
Sleepy Sun Spine Hits The End/ ATP P,E,M 2012
Various Artists The Music Inside: A Collaboration Dedicated To Waylon Jennings Vol. 2 Scatter Records/Average Joes P,E,M 2012
Mad Planet Inside Outburst Independent P,E,M,Gtr, Keys, Pr, Co-W 2012
The Cult Choice Of A Weapon Cooking Vinyl E 2012
Standing Shadows Trilogy Analog Kid Records E,M 2012
Mads Langer Behold Sony Music Ent. P,E 2011
Spindrift Classic Soundtracks Vol. 1 Xemu E,M 2011
Left On Red Tracks Independent P,E,M 2011
Various Artists The Music Inside: A Collaboration Dedicated To Waylon Jennings Vol. 1 Scatter Records P,E,M 2011
The Little Stevies Attention Shoppers MGM P,E,M 2010
Jeremy Silver Everybody Knows Independent P,E,M 2010
Ultra Violet Lights Here In Filth Command M 2010
Gram Rabbit Miracles And Metaphors Royal Order P,E,M,Vocs, Gtr, Keys, Pr, Co-W 2010
Gwendolyn Bright Light Whispersquish P,E,M 2010
Gwendolyn& The Good Time Gang Clap Your Hands Whispersquish P,E,M 2010
Rose's Pawn Shop Dancing On The Gallows Independent P,E,M 2010
Brant Bjork Gods And Goddesses'' Low Desert Punks P,E,M 2010
The 88 No One Here Independent P,E,M 2010
Levi Smith Close Enough Scatter Records P,E,M,Gtr, Keys, 2010
Better Than Ezra Closer re-release with bonus tracks Ezra Dry Goods P,E,M,Vocs 2009
Better Than Ezra Plays Paper Empire Ezra Dry Goods P,E, 2009
Jules Larson Strangers Independent P,E,M 2009
Jalopy Right Where You Begin Independent P,E,M 2009
Oh Halo Beautiful Egg for the movie Bliss Independent P,E,M,Vocs, Gtr, Keys, Pr, Co-W 2009
Mumiy Troll Comrade Ambassador Independent P,E,M 2009
Tim Finn [1]The Conversation EMI P,E,M 2008
No Love Letters No Love Letters Independent P,E,M 2008
I See Hawks In L.A. Hallowed Ground Big Book M 2008
Various Artists Soundtrack for the film Coming Home Scatter Records M 2008
Oh Halo Beautiful Egg Independent P,E,M,Vocs,Gtr, Keys, Pr, Co-W 2007
The Forward Nothing But Teeth Independent P,E,M 2007
A Static Lullaby A Static Lullaby Live Fearless E 2007
The Rinse The Rinse, Sir? Independent P,E,M 2007
Donita Sparks Transmiticate Independent P,E,M,Gtr 2007
Gram Rabbit Radio Angel And The Robot Beat Royal Order P,E,M,Vocs,Gtr, Keys, Pr, Co-W 2007
The Very Be Careful Salad Buey Downtown Pijao E,M 2007
The 88 Coming Home for nationwide Sears commercial Sears P,E,M 2007
The 88 No One Here for Fox TV show How I Met Your Mother Fox P,E,M 2007
The 88 Good Feeling for Fox TV show How I Met Your Mother Fox P,E,M 2006
The 88 Crazy Little Thing Called Love for the film Failure To Launch Paramount P,E,M 2006
The 88 Get It Back for Fox TV show Free Ride Fox P,E,M 2006
Gram Rabbit Cultivation Stinky P,E,M,Vocs,Gtr, Keys, Pr 2006
The 88 Over And Over Mutron P,E,M 2005
The Very Be Careful Ńacas Actual E,M 2005
50 Foot Wave Golden Ocean Throwing Music/4AD P,E,M 2005
Better Than Ezra Before The Robots'' Artemis P,E, 2005
The Dark Horse Project Dark Horse Independent M 2004
Pleasure Club The Fugitive Kind Brash P,E,M 2004
Gram Rabbit Music To Start A Cult To Stinky P,E,M, Pr 2004
50 Foot Wave Fifty Foot Wave Throwing Music/4AD P,E,M 2004
The Peels Sessions Independent P,E,M 2004
Throwing Muses Speed And Sleep Live DVD 4AD P,E,M 2004
Wan Santo Condo Wan Santo Condo Everloving/ Universal P,E,M,Gtr,Vocs 2004
Better Than Ezra Live In New Orleans DVD/Album Sanctuary E,M 2004
Fried Fried WEA/London Records E, Pr 2004
Patty Griffin Impossible Dream Interscope E 2004
Pleasure Club Live At The Howling Wolf Brash P,E,M 2003
Throwing Muses Throwing Muses 4AD M 2003
Better Than Ezra Closer Beyond P,E,M, Vocs 2002
Dave Pirner Faces And Names Ultimatum E 2001
Galactic We Love 'Em Tonight Volcano E 2001
Counting Crows Soundtrack song for the film Smile Universal M 2000
Joe Henry Fuse Mammoth E 1999
Splendid Have You Got A Name For It'' Mammoth E 1999
Kristin Hersh Sky Motel 4AD E 1999
Tricky Angels With Dirty Faces Island E 1997
Jimi Hendrix and The Band Of Gypsies Live At the Filmore East MCA E 1997
Jason Falkner Can You Still Feel Elektra E 1997
Luscious Jackson Fever In, Fever Out Grand Royal/Capitol E 1996
Midnight Oil Breathe Sony Piano 1996

P- Production, E- Engineering, M- Mixing, Pr- Programming, Gtr- Guitar, Co-W- Co-Writing