Ether (Fischer-Z album)

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Ether Fischer-Z.jpg
Studio album by
GenreBig beat, pop, rock
ProducerJohn Watts
Fischer-Z chronology
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars[1]

Ether was an experimental music project by John Watts, released under the name Fischer-Z. After releasing two successful solo albums and one album of remixes, since the last Fischer-Z album, Stream, John Watts had started to take an interest in creating big beat music. After creating a whole big beat style album in 1999 entitled Bigbeatpoetry, Watts carried on in a similar style for Ether. He recorded a number of songs, featuring only his guitar and voice, and then put them over cut-up beats as a rhythm track. Watts had also added a filmic touch to the project, he travelled throughout Europe and post-9/11 New York City to find musicians at random and record them using his laptop, in their homes and on the street. Sarah Vermeersch filmed & edited the process into a road movie. Ether was further released as a John Watts solo album (see: Ether Music & Film), including the road movie DVD and a CD of tracks from the Ether album that appeared in the movie.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Ether"
  2. "Jukebox"
  3. "Supernatural"
  4. "Famous"
  5. "Glorious"
  6. "Beep"
  7. "Eclipse"
  8. "Amnesty"
  9. "Promenaders"
  10. "Fury"
  11. "Home"
  12. "Plummeting"
  13. "Anything"
  14. "Over"
  15. "Valley"
  16. "Only"

Personnel (as credited on CD)[edit]

  • John Watts - vocals, guitars, keyboards, plus
  • Tristan Banks - drums, programming, percussion & laid-back enthusiasm, Queen's Park
  • Pete Sinden - bass & stability, Flat 5. Brighton
  • Graham Bonnett - "Mr. Soundgood", Brighton & Saffron Walden
  • Felix Gauder - "Jukebox" production, Daylight Studios, Stuttgart.
  • Jens Krause - "Eclipse" production, wise words & warmth, Hanover.
  • Christof Stein-Schneider - rock 'n' roll guitar, Hanover.
  • Danny Dziuk - Hammond from the tower, Berlin.
  • Hans Rohe - slide guitar, atmospherics, Berlin.
  • Moe Jaksch - stand-up bass, Berlin.
  • Rausch - sex & drugs & rock climbing, Koln.
  • Phil Evans - devil's advocate production, clapping, keyboards, vocals on Greenpeace Roof, Antwerp & Brussels
  • Raoul Del Campo - accordion & cajon, Korte Achterom, Antwerp
  • Nikko Weidemann - organ, guitar & bonhomie, NYC
  • The 3 Rappers - rhymes in Times Square, Manhattan
  • Scott Allen - the funk cello, Blue Beach, Nice
  • Lucie, Emillie & Leila Watts - vocals, Flat 5, Brighton.
  • Ben Stobart - ragga, alto saxophone, Barcelona.
  • Rupert Cobb - muted trumpet, Flat 5, Brighton & trumpet at Rupe's Place
  • Dan Rehahn - fruity trombone
  • Kerry Wilson - tenor saxophone
  • Rob Reed - purple alto saxophone at Rupe's Place
  • Steve Cropper - electric guitar, The Grand Hotel, Amsterdam