Ethiopian People's Patriotic Front

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The Ethiopian People Patriotic Front (EPPF) is an opposition group founded in October 7 1993 E.C (2001 G.C) to overthrow the dictator Woyane/EPRDF regime. EPPF primarily operates in northwestern Ethiopia, which it believes has a strategical military advantage for the EPPF guerilla warfare. Since its foundation, the EPPF has performed lots of offensive military operations against the Woyane regime and has achieved consecutive flawless victories.
As the repression of the Woyane regime continues, EPPF's acceptance by the people has grown and many people have joined the front from different parts of Ethiopia including the Military Personnel. The rise of the EPPF as the main armed struggle group has concerned the Woyane regime and made it train special force brigades which are thought to resist the military attacks made by the EPPF. Woyane also signed a joint military cooperation with the government of Sudan in order to safeguard the border areas in which the EPPF mostly operates in. Despite all these efforts made by the Woyane regime, they couldn't stop the Front's movement and the EPPF is still at large and is one of the most Feared Armed Struggle groups by the Woyane.

EPPF Army Soldiers on the field


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