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Eucerin logo.svg
Product typeSkin care brand
OwnerBeiersdorf AG
Introduced1902; 119 years ago (1902)

Eucerin is a trade marked brand of Beiersdorf AG. In addition to body and face care products, Eucerin offers sun protectant and cleansing products.


In 1900, Dr. Isaac Lifschützl manufactured a non-perishable and sleek ointment base consisting of Eucerit and water and oil, naming it Eucerin.

Two years later in 1902 Lifschuetz achieved the patent for his manufacture in Germany.

Eucerin Patent, 1902

In 1911, Dr. Oscar Troplowitz, who took over the Beiersdorf company from its founder Paul C. Beiersdorf in 1890, bought the patent and a few years later the first Eucerin products (iodine creme, loose powder) were introduced on the German market.

In the 1980s the brand was launched by Beiersdorf affiliates globally, including the USA. Since 1996 the brand also offers facial care products.


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