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Eugene Booker Record (December 23, 1940 – July 22, 2005)[1] was the American lead vocalist of the Chicago, Illinois based vocal group, The Chi-Lites, during the 1960s and 1970s.

He was born in Chicago.[1] He also released three solo albums (entitled The Eugene Record, Trying to Get to You, and Welcome to My Fantasy) via the Warner Music Group before rejoining the Chi-Lites in 1980. In 1979, he had a disco hit called "Magnetism"'. He also wrote and produced many of the group's hits, such as "Have You Seen Her" and "Oh Girl", frequently in collaboration with other songwriters such as Barbara Acklin. He also wrote and produced for other artists, including Acklin, Jackie Wilson, and The Dells. Record left the Chi-Lites again in 1988 before eventually becoming a gospel singer.[citation needed]

In 1978 he appeared on Saturday Night Live with Michael Palin. He performed "Have You Seen Her" and "Trying to Get to You".

He is a co-writer of the 2003 Beyoncé hit record "Crazy in Love" thanks to its sampling of the Chi-Lites' "Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)".

He died on July 22, 2005, in Chicago, after a long battle with cancer.[1] He was 64.[2]


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