Eunice Spry

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Eunice Spry
Born (1944-04-28) April 28, 1944 (age 76)
Criminal statusReleased June 2014 after serving only 7 years and two months of her sentence
Conviction(s)Assault, perverting the course of justice
Criminal chargeAssault, perverting the course of justice
Penalty14 years' imprisonment
Date1986 – 2005

Eunice Spry (born 28 April 1944)[1] is a British woman from Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, a Jehovah's Witness[2] who was convicted of 26 charges of child abuse against children in her foster care in April 2007.[3] She was sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment and ordered to pay £80,000 costs. In sentencing, the judge told Spry that it was the "worst case in his 40 years practising law".

The foster mother forced three children in her care (two foster, one adopted) to eat their own excrement and vomit, rammed sticks down the children's throats, rubbed their faces with sandpaper and locked two of them naked in a room for a month. Two of her foster children and her adopted daughter have published books about their childhoods. Her oldest foster son, Christopher Spry, nicknamed 'Child C', published a book of the same name about his childhood living with Eunice Spry.[4] Her foster daughter, Alloma Gilbert, published Deliver Me From Evil.[5] Victoria Spry published Tortured in April 2015.[6]

Spry also had two other children in her care at this time, one adopted daughter and one adopted son (younger brother of Christopher), but these children did not experience any abuse such as the aforementioned three did.[4]

In September 2008, Spry's sentence was reduced by the High Court to 12 years.[7] On 30 May 2014 the Gloucestershire Echo indicated she would be released in June 2014.

In September 2020, Victoria Spry took her own life. Her siblings allege that residual trauma from the abuse she suffered led to her suicide.[2][8]


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