Euplius of Catania

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Saint Euplius
Saint Euplius Fresco from Saint Nicholas Church in Melnik, 12th - 13th Century.jpg
Saint Euplius Fresco from Saint Nicholas Church in Melnik, Bulgaria, 12th - 13th Century
Died~AD 304
Venerated inEastern Orthodox Church Roman Catholic Church
Major shrineTrevico
FeastAugust 12
PatronageCatania; Trevico; Francavilla di Sicilia

Euplius (Euplus) (Italian: Euplo, Euplio, Greek: Εὖπλος) (d. ca. AD 304) is venerated as a martyr and saint by the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church. With Saint Agatha, he is a co-patron of Catania in Sicily.


His name in Greek means "good sailing" which is played upon in the text of the Orthodox Christian Vespers service in his honor.

The Passion of Saint Euplius states that he was a deacon and that he was arrested for owning and reading from a copy of the Bible during the Diocletianic Persecution. He was brought before the governor of the city, Calvinianus (Calvinian), who asked the saint to read him extracts from the book. He was then tortured and beheaded.


He is also the patron saint of Francavilla di Sicilia and Trevico. Ruins of the old church of Saint Euplius are located in Catania near Piazza Stesicoro. This urban site coincides with the place of his martyrdom. His feast day is August 12.

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