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The European Academy for Environmental Affairs (also known as European Academy of Environmental Affairs) is a private organization which cosponsored the 1995 conference that produced the Leipzig Declaration on Global Climate Change, a SEPP-initiated document in which some scientists argue against global warming theories. Founder and president of the Academy was the late Prof. Dr. hc. Helmut Metzner (1925-1999), who was professor for chemical plant physiology. Metzner was accused of having connections to the Studienzentrum Weikersheim, a right-wing think-tank in Baden-Württemberg.[1]

In 1993 the Academy also held a conference in Mannheim under the title "Globale Erwärmung - Tatsache oder Behauptung?" (Global warming—fact or fiction?). The Academy was recognized in a consultative function by the Council of Europe, but the status was withdrawn because of the Academy's failure to comply with its obligations.[2]

The Academy has no active web pages, and it may be defunct. A list of textbooks on ecology issued by the Academy is available online.[3]