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The European Youth Go Championship (EYGC) is a championship for young players of the board game of Go. It is held annually, and first started in Băile Felix, Romania in 1996.[1] Some winners of the various age groups, such as Diána Kőszegi, have since progressed to become professional Go players.

The championship was divided into two sections until 2010, when it was split into three age groups.

This event is where one can first see the future European Go leaders, such as Ilya Shikshin or Artem Kachanovsky, respectively first and second in the adult 2010 European Go Championship (EGC).


In its very first year, the U-18 group produced two noteworthy prize-winners: Csaba Mero (the section winner), and the future professional players Svetlana Shikshina (2nd place) and Alexandre Dinerchtein (3rd place).

Notable prize-winners[edit]

Other juniors went on to win senior tournaments.

The U-12 winner in 2000 and 2001, Ilya Shikshin, went on to win the adult European Go Championship, in 2007 and 2010.

Notable U-18 winners who progressed to greater things include Csaba Mero, Alexandr Dinerchtein (record 7-times-winner of the adult EGC) and Diána Kőszegi.


From 2010 onwards, these are split into 3 sections. They are for U-12s (players aged under 12), U-16s and U-18s.

Under 12[edit]

Year Winner Second Third Venue
1996 France Antoine Fenech Romania Cosmin Mutu Hungary Csaba Marton Romania Băile Felix
1997 France Antoine Fenech Russia Vasilii Shvedov Hungary Pal Balogh Slovakia Bratislava
1998 Czech Republic Ondrej Silt Netherlands Tommy Hollmann Russia Natalia Kovaleva France Cannes
1999 Russia Natalia Kovaleva Russia Timour Dougine Ukraine Mykhailo Shechuk France Cannes
2000 Russia Ilya Shikshin Ukraine Mykola Glischenko Hungary Rita Pocsai Romania Sinaia
2001 Russia Ilya Shikshin Czech Republic Jan Prokop Ukraine Mykola Glischenko Poland Ustron
2002 Ukraine Andrej Kravec Russia Andrej Kashaev Ukraine Artem Kachanovsky Czech Republic Praha
2003 Ukraine Ihor Zaytsev Ukraine Artem Kachanovsky Serbia Miroslav Sos France Cannes
2004 Russia Rafael Samakaev France Thomas Debarre Israel Amir Fragman Germany Cologne
2005 Romania Mihai Serban Netherlands Joshua Chao - Russia Oleg Kocherov Slovakia Kosice
2006 Netherlands Joshua Chao - Poland Mateusz Surma Russia Alexandre Matushkin Russia St Petersburg
2007 Romania Toma Theodor United Kingdom Chun-Yin Woo Russia Alexandre Vashurov Netherlands Zandvoort
2008 Ukraine Jurij Mykhaljuk Russia Nikita Khabazov Ukraine Roman Koroljov Czech Republic Mikulov
2009 Russia Mikhail Sidorenko Russia Dmitri Miliukyn Russia Dmitrij Medvedev Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka
2010 United Kingdom Anson Ng Romania Alexandru Pitrop Romania Silvestru State Romania Sibiu
2011 Ukraine Vladysl Verteleckyi Russia Stepan Popov Ukraine Valerii Krushelnytskyi Czech Republic Brno
2012 Ukraine Valerii Krushelnytskyi Romania Silvestru State Russia Valerij Kulishov Russia Saint Petersburg
2013 Ukraine Valerii Krushelnytskyi Russia Valerij Kulishov Russia Kim Shakhov Hungary Budapest
2014 Spain Oscar Vazquez Romania Denis Dobranis Germany Arved Pittner United Kingdom Bognor Regis
2015 Romania Denis Dobranis Germany Arved Pittner Russia Virzhinia Shalneva Netherlands Zandvoort
2016 Romania Ioan Alexandru Arsinoaia Russia Virzhinia Shalneva Russia Nikita Prikarev Serbia Palic
2017 Russia Ivan Klochikhin Romania Stefan Adrian Rotarita Ukraine Polina Krushelnytska France Grenoble

Under 16[edit]

This section was created in 2010 after the World Youth Go Championship altered the age categories under competition.

Year Winner Second Third Place
2010 Poland Mateusz Surma United Kingdom Vanessa Wong Ukraine Jurij Mykhaljuk Romania Sibiu
2011 Poland Mateusz Surma United Kingdom Vanessa Wong Russia Alexander Vashurov Czech Republic Brno
2012 Ukraine Yurii Mykhalyuk Russia Stepan Popov Romania Alexandru-Petre Pitrop Russia Saint Petersburg
2013 Russia Stepan Popov Romania Silvestru State Russia Vjacheslav Kajmin Hungary Budapest
2014 Romania Alexandru-Petre Pitrop Russia Grigorij Fionin Russia Vjacheslav Kajmin United Kingdom Bognor Regis
2015 Russia Vjacheslav Kajmin Ukraine Valerii Krushelnytskyi Russia Stepan Popov Netherlands Zandvoort
2016 Russia Vjacheslav Kajmin Ukraine Valerii Krushelnytskyi Russia Kim Shakhov Serbia Palic
2017 Spain Oscar Vazquez Ukraine Valerii Krushelnytskyi Russia Kim Shakhov France Grenoble

Under 18[edit]

Year Winner Second Third Venue
1996 Hungary Csaba Mero Russia Svetlana Shikshina Russia Alexandre Dinerchtein Romania Băile Felix
1997 Ukraine Dmitri Bogatskii Germany Jonas Fincke France Paul Drouot Slovakia Bratislava
1998 Ukraine Dmitri Bogatskii Hungary Diana Koszegi Czech Republic Martin Kuzela France Cannes
1999 Russia Andrei Kulkov Hungary Diana Koszegi Netherlands Merlijn KUIN France Cannes
2000 Hungary Diana Koszegi Russia Andrei Kulkov Russia Timur Dugin Romania Sinaia
2001 Hungary Pal Balogh Hungary Diana Koszegi Czech Republic Ondrej Silt Poland Ustron
2002 Hungary Pal Balogh Russia Timur Dugin Russia Oleg Mezhov Czech Republic Praha
2003 Russia Ilya Shikshin Russia Timur Dugin France Antoine Fenech France Cannes
2004 Czech Republic Ondrej Silt Russia Ilya Shikshin Russia Igor Nemliy Germany Cologne
2005 Russia Timur Dugin Ukraine Bohdan Zhurakovsky Germany Jun Tarumi - Russia Igor Nemly Slovakia Kosice
2006 Russia Ilya Shikshin Hungary Rita Pocsai France Thomas Debarre Russia St Petersburg
2007 Russia Artem Dugin Serbia Dusan Mitic Czech Republic Ondrej Fidrmuc Netherlands Zandvoort
2008 Ukraine Artem Kashanovsky France Thomas Debarre Finland Javier-A. Savolainen Czech Republic Mikulov
2009 Israel Ali Jabarin Ukraine Artem Kachanovsky Serbia Nikola Mitic - Austria Viktor Lin Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka
2010 Romania Mihai Serban Ukraine Roman Ruzhansky Romania Laura Avram Romania Sibiu

Under 20[edit]

During the 2011 championship of Brno, it was mentioned "under 20" category instead of "under 18"

Year Winner Second Third Venue
2011 Slovakia Pavol Lisy Israel Ali Jabarin Germany Lukas Kraemer Czech Republic Brno
2012 Czech Republic Lukas Podpera Russia Alexander Vashurov Netherlands Alexander Eerbeek Russia Saint Petersburg
2013 Slovakia Pavol Lisy Israel Ali Jabarin Czech Republic Lukas Podpera Hungary Budapest
2014 Czech Republic Lukas Podpera Germany Jonas Welticke France Tanguy Le_Calve United Kingdom Bognor Regis (*)
2015 Slovakia Pavol Lisy Czech Republic Lukas Podpera France Tanguy Le_Calve Netherlands Zandvoort
2016 Russia Grigorij Fionin Poland Stanislaw Frejlak Hungary Dominic Boviz Serbia Palic
2017 Russia Vjacheslav Kajmin Russia Grigorij Fionin Russia Anton Chernykh France Grenoble

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