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Euthymol toothpaste

Euthymol is a brand of antiseptic, fluoride-free[1] toothpaste distributed by Johnson & Johnson that is characterised by its bright pink colour and medicinal taste. It is also notable for its packaging, which is old fashioned, having merely a pattern and the product name. The antiseptic ingredient in Euthymol is thymol. Since it is antiseptic, Euthymol can help with the prevention of mouth ulcers.[citation needed]

Johnson & Johnson Ltd, the makers of Euthymol, had temporarily stopped the supply of Euthymol toothpaste in mid-2012 while the product was reformulated due to changes in the European Cosmetics Regulation. The new formulation of Euthymol was released to supply chains in January 2014 and was available in stores in February 2014. The previous formulation of the product was safe and had a long history of safe use.[citation needed]

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