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Ever may refer to:

  • Ever (artist), creator of street art, from Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Ever, Kentucky
  • -ever, an English suffix added to interrogative words in forms like wherever
  • KT Tech EVER, a South Korean mobile phone manufacturer or its brand
  • EveR South Korean android project





  • Ita Ever (born 1931), Estonian film, radio, theater and television actress
  • Valter Ever (1902–1981), Estonian track and field athlete
  • Éver Alfaro (born 1982), Costa Rican professional footballer
  • Ever Hugo Almeida (born 1948), former football goalkeeper and now is the national coach of Guatemala
  • Ever Amarilla (born 1984), Paraguayan footballer
  • Ever Caballero (born 1982), Paraguayan footballer
  • Ever Cantero (born 1985), Paraguayan footballer
  • Ever Carradine (born 1974), American actress and the daughter of Robert Carradine
  • Éver Guzmán (born 1988), Mexican football (soccer) player
  • Ever Hernández (born 1958), retired football player from El Salvador
  • Ever Magallanes (born 1965), former major league baseball player and all-star minor league player
  • Ever Meulen (born 1946), Belgian illustrator and comic strip artist
  • Ever Palacios (born 1969), Colombian football player
  • Ever Salas (born 1983), Colombian Defender that plays for Carabobo FC of Venezuela

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  • Eber (Standard Hebrew: ʿÉver), a character in the Bible