Evernight (album)

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Battlelore - Evernight.jpg
Cover art from the modified work 'Tol Bandir' by Ted Nasmith
Studio album by Battlelore
Released 26 February 2007
Recorded Music Bros Studios, Imatra, Finland
Length 42:56
Label Napalm
Producer Miitri Aaltonen, Battlelore
Battlelore chronology
Third Age of the Sun
The Last Alliance
Alternative cover
Special edition Digipak cover
Special edition Digipak cover

Evernight is the fourth studio album by the Finnish heavy metal band Battlelore, released in 2007. As previously, the songs are all based on J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth. Overall the sound of the album was darker and denser than the band's earlier releases with a much thicker and heavier guitar sound. The album also was more consistent in sound with less variation between songs to present a more cohesive piece of work. In this album the band choose not to use names and direct references to Tolkien's legendarium to make the lyrics accessible to a broader audience.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Jyri Vahvanen, except "Summon the Wolves" by Vahvanen & Tomi Mykkänen and "Beneath the Waves" by Vahvanen & Jussi Rautio.

No. Title Music Length
1. "House of Heroes" Jussi Rautio, Battlelore 4:06
2. "Ocean's Elysium" Tomi Mykkänen, Battlelore 4:16
3. "Summon the Wolves" Rautio, Battlelore 4:34
4. "We Are the Legions" Jyri Vahvanen, Battlelore 3:58
5. "Into the New World" Vahvanen, Battlelore 6:32
6. "Longing Horizon" Rautio, Battlelore 4:35
7. "Mask of Flies" Vahvanen, Battlelore 4:51
8. "The Cloak and the Dagger" Vahvanen, Battlelore 4:35
9. "Beneath the Waves" Rautio, Battlelore 5:23
10. "The Tale of the Downfall" (Digipak edition bonus track) Battlelore 3:26
11. "Doom and Oblivion" (Digipak edition bonus track) Battlelore 3:20
Total length: 49:45


Band members
  • Miitri Aaltonen - producer, engineer, mixing
  • Mika Jussila - mastering at Finnvox Studios


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