Third Age of the Sun

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Third Age of the Sun
Studio album by Battlelore
Released 25 July 2005
Recorded Sound Suite Studio, Marseille, France, March–April 2005
Genre Melodic death metal, folk metal, celtic metal
Length 49:45
Label Napalm
Producer Terje Refsnes, Battlelore
Battlelore chronology
Sword's Song
Third Age of the Sun
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Metal Review (6.9/10)[1]
Metal Storm (6.5/10)[2]
Lords of Metal (60/100)[3]
The Metal Crypt 3.5/5 stars[4]

Third Age of the Sun is the third studio album released by the Finnish heavy metal band Battlelore, released in 2005. As on previous albums, the songs are all based on J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth sagas. This album introduced new bass player Timo Honkanen and new vocalist Tomi Mykkänen, who had previously toured with the band when Miika Kokkola and Patrik Mennander had been unavailable. The sound of the album differs from the first two Battlelore albums, as the instrumentation has a more live and organic feel and also due to the absence of clean male vocals.

The album peaked at position 38 in The Official Finnish Charts.[5]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Jyri Vahvanen, except "Usvainen Rhûn" by Kaisa Jouhki.

No. Title Music Length
1. "Usvainen Rhûn" Maria Honkanen 1:36
2. "Storm of the Blades" Jyri Vahvanen, Battlelore 3:22
3. "Ghân of the Woods" Jussi Rautio, Battlelore 4:41
4. "Gwaith-i-Mírdain" Battlelore 3:43
5. "Trollshaws" Vahvanen, Battlelore 4:07
6. "Elves of Lúva" Rautio, Jouhki 4:39
7. "Valier - Queens of the Valar" Vahvanen, Battlelore 4:19
8. "Thousand Caves" Rautio, Battlelore 4:06
9. "Cloaked in Her Unlight" Rautio, Battlelore 4:13
10. "Of Orcs and Elves" Vahvanen, Battlelore 4:26
11. "Touch of Green and Gold" Vahvanen, Battlelore 3:59
12. "Pallando - Forgotten Wizards I" Vahvanen, Rautio, Battlelore 3:31
13. "Gollum's Cry" Honkanen 3:03
14. "Alatar - Forgotten Wizards II" (Digipak edition bonus track) Battlelore 3:33
15. "Elessar's Call" (Digipak edition bonus track) Battlelore 4:11
16. "Dwimmerlaik" (Digipak edition bonus track) Battlelore 4:28
Total length: 61:57


Band members
  • Terje Refsnes - producer, engineer, mixing
  • Miitri Aaltonen - additional pre-production
  • Tommi Havo - additional growl-vocals arrangements
  • Mika Jussila - mastering at Finnvox Studios

Lyrical references[edit]


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