Every Dog Has His Day

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For the Let's Active album, see Let's Active § Discography. For the Toby Keith song, see Every Dog Has Its Day.

Every Dog Has His Day is the tenth book in the Hank the Cowdog book series, a series of humorous children's mystery novels, written by John R. Erickson and illustrated by Gerald L. Holmes.


People come to the ranch for round-up, and bring along a border collie named Benny, who Hank does not like, and a beagle named Miss Scamper who Hank thinks he is in love with. High Loper ties Hank up and Benny takes his place to round up the cows. Hank attempts to get Drover to help him, but Drover runs away to see Miss Scamper. Pete the cat shows up and teases Hank. Hank jumps at Pete and the rope snaps. Hank stands in the gate, and blocks the cattle, which makes the humans angry. Hank runs off. He is found in the woods by two coyotes, Rip and Snort. Two turkey vultures, Junior and Wallace, are nearby waiting for the coyotes to make the kill. To stop from getting eaten Hank stages the First Wolf Creek Decathlon. Hank wins by singing a lullaby to make the coyotes go to sleep. Hank finds Benny, who says that High Loper is stuck in quicksand. Hank finds High Loper and pulls him out the quicksand using the rope around his neck. They return to the ranch house and the story ends.

Major characters[edit]

  • High Loper – manager of the ranch
  • Hank – head of ranch security
  • Drover – Hank's assistant
  • Pete – cat
  • Miss Scampers – beagle
  • Benny – a visiting border collie
  • Rip – coyote
  • Snort – coyote
  • Wallace – turkey vulture
  • Junior – turkey vulture

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